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SKY COVINGTON Club Crescendo Vol. 3

For over 20 years Sky Covington has been dedicated to The Preservation of Jazz. Her second album with Club Crescendo is a collection of beloved standards with a refreshed flair that only Detroit players can bring. They held Residencies throughout the Motor City honing these songs for several years before recording them. Like a favorite jacket they slip into them again and again, and always find new money in the pocket! Covington’s organic flowing style and rich range make these recognizable tunes new again. It also includes two originals “Jazz Poem Detroit” and “Club Crescendo Scene 1.”

Available on all music streaming platforms.


Club Crescendo Volume 1: Ghetto Opera

featuring Sky Covington & Nikki-O


A seamless and organic blend of jazz, soul, poetry, and house with a smack of funk. 16 unique but unified tunes that tell a tale to soothe your ears and spark your spirit.


The soulful “Save Me” begins with a call for revolution then drops into the jazzy “Bella” and floats on to “Club Crescendo Scene 1” where Covington expresses her best riffs. “Can’t Live Without You” is a head nodding dance track then things level out with the meditative ballad “Low low low Meaning Love Deep” and we get our first glimpse of the poetic ponderings that are signature Sky. The calypso jazz rhythms of “Wanna Go to My Life” pick it back up a bit as we enter “Club Crescendo Scene 2” a dance number introducing Nikki-O, a sassy alter-ego. Pleading slow groove “Let Me In” gives just enough recovery before dance club perfection pulses on with “I Feel Music,” the most played track from this collection. But there’s more twists in the Ghetto with the rap “Smooth Youngin” featuring Andre Berger, “Adams Girl,” a walk and talk and tell ya all about it sonnet that again showcases Covington’s easy breezy flowing phrases. Using an egyptian-esque melody as accompaniment we hear more of the “Story of Bella (Plot)” in smokey, sultry spoken voice and then “Procrastination (The Protagonist)” funks you in the face for 3 minutes! Riding out that party is the soulful, funky, jazzy “Greed (The Villain)” and the opera ends with one last plea for a renovation of the spirit and cathartic resolve of the soul in the slow but driving “Ready.”


Poet, Jazz Ambassador, House Diva, Goddess of Soul, the musical offerings of Sky Covington run deep. There are so many facets of creative functions that alter egos are created to fill certain roles. Sky is smooth and cool. Nikki-O is the edgier risk taker. Both are fabulous! If you’re ready for more musical surprises, listen to Sky Covington’s Club Crescendo Volume 3 or Nikki-O’s Ruff, Rugged, Raw.

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