Sky Covington’s jazz debut album  “ Club Crescendo vol. 3 will take you back in time….

Club Crescendo Vol. 3

Sky Covington

Octavia Brown Records

January 15, 2020

Sky Covington’s jazz debut album  “ Club Crescendo vol. 3 will take you back in time….

DETROIT, MICHIGAN- Sky Covington’s jazz debut album “Club Crescendo Vol 3. Already is receiving airplay in 10 top U.S cities. Also produced by Sky Covington with the assistance of  Sky’s band Club Crescendo helps bring out the bands retro 40’s vibe, playing homage, to Billie Holiday, Ella Fitgerald, Cole Porter and Al Jolson with its traditional , signature sound and arrangements, to not only the preservation of jazz, but its rich tones and lyrics, will take you back, to the textures of jazz music in the yester-years. 

It makes sense that all of the musicians—pianist Jimi David, drummer Gene Dunlap, singer Sky Covington, Trumpeter John Douglas , and bassist Ibrahim Jones—are all from where jazz started, Detroit. Some in other city may argue , this point. But,  Clearly, the band members were influenced by the jazz greats, that frequently, passed through, During the 1930s and 1940s, the near-east side neighborhoods known as Black Bottom and Paradise Valley became a major entertainment district, drawing nationally known blues singers, big bands, and jazz artists - such as Duke Ellington, Billy Eckstine, Pearl Bailey, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Count Basie. 

SKY Covington is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and performing most of her life. Her music is as fascinating as her head and hair styles - which range from a full afro to a shaved head. All are accented by her signature beaded forehead and nose. Born and raised on the west side of Detroit, like many free-spirits, she had an unconventional but impressionable start.

Detroit Music Award recipient  of 7 awards for Outstanding Jazz, this album  have been met with such a warm reception. After 20 years of performing jazz , this third volume of music, is definitely an amazing start to something historic. Hail to Jazz!! 

If you love jazz, the pure stuff. You'll l like this, it’s full of traditional classic's, and also has two originals, Jazz Poem , and a re-release of Club Crescendo from her Cd Club Crescendo Vol 1.

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Club Crescendo Vol. 3 Playlist