Jazz is definitely my passion, The history of jazz, the lyrics and the compositions, has always been a major part of my life and journey. My life experience happened immediately, when I was a young girl, I remember going over to my grandmother's house every Sunday, listening to her vintage 1960's general electric transistor radio, with that old leather case, it would belt out on WCHD, jazz greats like Dinah Washington singing “What a Difference a Day Makes” and  Sarah Vaughan singing, “Misty”. But the voice that took my breath away, starting me on a path was the sound of Billie Holiday, singing, "God Bless the Child". I’d hear her music escaping the speaker and I would sit at the edge of my seat listening intently. As if I knew her story. 

In 1972 Motown mogul Berry Gordy, produced the biopic, Lady Sings the Blues, starring Diana Ross and Billy Dee Williams, the story about Billie Holiday, after watching it, would change my life, forever. I became determined to become a jazz singer. Diana Ross and Billie Holiday are my inspirations. My vision is to preserve the legacy of jazz, by way of my songwriting, revues and  performances. Ultimately, I envision myself, teaching, jazz to our youth, teaching how to improvise and play jazz, will give them the independence of thought and promote self worth. As it did for me. But till then, it fairly simple, I want to sing to the people and continue to tell the story of the greatest music made.


My techniques, so far, has been learning the lyrics and melody of the song, memorization, finding my right keys (or register) that is comfortable for me to sing in and by immersing myself in the music of other great singers. I take on learning how to personalize my songs, and also, how to capture the emotions of every note. One fundamental aspect of jazz singing is being able to swing, To get into a swing feel is one of the key opponents of being a great jazz performer, my techniques start by stressing the off-beats in everything I sing. Swinging is an art, most musicians measure your talent on how well you do it. These are just a few techniques, my mentors have taught me, but my very own technique, before all others, are first and foremost, I have to be in an honest mood to relay, the type of pure improve in jazz; when performing jazz, its the conversation with the other musicians, outside of the audience that makes the music come alive. In turn, when I'm on stage, I am more than a vocalist, or the lead I am a jazz musician.